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Famous Asian Poker Players

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 The game of river nile casino has exploded in the recent years and has become a very popular global activity. Players from the US stretching right across to Asia have grown to love the sport and it has become the number one pleasurable pastime activity. Poker has brought people together it is just as popular online as it is in land-based casinos.

Recently, with the emergence of a huge gambling market in cities such as Hong Kong (Macau and Singapore), Poker popularity has sky-rocketed in the Asian community. Gambling is a tradition that has always been deeply rooted in the Asian Culture, but in this day and age with the technological advancements and growing gambling capitals, it is even more so.


Macau in particular is an extraordinary place for the avid Poker player. It has surpassed Las Vegas in popularity and revenue and there are a huge variety of Poker Rooms with really high stakes. Wynn Poker Room, Grand Lisboa, the Venetian poker Room and Hard Rock Poker Room have become part of the Poker Mecca in Macau.

From this, Many Poker Aces have emerged and become stars in their own rights. Known for their VIP status, WSOP awards, unique styles and exceptional skills of course, they are leading the way in Poker and making history.

Online Evolution

Poker is just as popular online as it is offline, and many poker rooms and video poker casinos have emerged over the last ten years.