Macau Casinos Initiate Background Checks on High Rollers

The clientele of casinos come with a lot of stereotypes as to what type of people they are. Many times, people associate criminal intent and illegal activities with those who frequent gambling tables and particularly with those who place large bets. However, thanks to a new government ruling, casinos and gambling venues in Macau have begun a true effort to reduce the risk of any illegal activity taking place at their tables.

Casino VIP Room

Junket agents now must do a criminal history background check on new prospective VIP players before sending them to the high rolling rooms of the casino. The Gaming Control Board has issued a warning that no player with a criminal history of any type will be allowed to play at the tables of any of their VIP rooms. By forbidding players with criminal pasts, they are working to make sure they hand-pick more trustworthy clients for their high rolling games.

Since junket agents typically work on a commission, this practice is one that will help to narrow down the habit of agents to send questionable players. If a player is sent by a junket agent only to be found out to have a criminal record, that’s a pay-check the agent isn’t going to be getting. The legislation, therefore, tends to put more of the work at weeding out the players with shady pasts from those who simply put their talents into the game and the game alone on the agents rather than solely on the casinos themselves.

The ultimate goal of all of this is to give the government more control over the money flow in the gambling market. The casinos in Macau are a large part of the tourism industry for the region, and with the government’s ability to control the money flow and know where it’s going and coming from, they will, allegedly, be able to help the tourism and casino industry grow and thrive.