Should You Show Cards in Friendly Poker Games?

When you are playing friendly games, there is often pressure from other players to show them your cards. After all, friendly games usually do not involve a lot of money. If you are uncomfortable with showing your cards all the time, here are some tips to help you appease fellow players. These tips will allow you to appear friendly and loose, while maintaining secrecy.

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1. Show Bad Hands in Small Pots

There are always times when you end up playing with a bad hand. If you are the small blind or big blind, you may take a chance with an average pair of cards. There is no reason why you cannot show your cards at the end of that round. Even if you win a little bit, go ahead and show the other players what you had. If you were bluffing, show them too.

The idea behind showing these cards is to demonstrate that you are willing to put money on the line when you have a terrible hand. This will strengthen your bluffing position in later rounds.

2. Show Immediate Folds

There may be a misdeal on the deck, or you may be the last person to fold after someone bets big in the beginning. In either of those cases, it is okay to show your cards. It is likely you folded because of a mediocre hand. This will not reveal your playing style, but it will appease friendly players you may think you are too guarded.

3. Show Them Aces

When you play a hand just because you landed an ace, it is okay to show that card at the end. But only show the ace, not your second card. Showing just the ace will make the other players curious as to why you are hiding the second card. They will wonder if it was also a high card, or whether you bluffed with an ace and a lower number.

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