Southland Patk Expands


Just outside of Memphis, in West Memphis, Arkansas, Southland Gaming and Racing has announced a major expansion of their gaming setup and gaming floors. While this space is more than just a casino, it is becoming something that can host many more gamers and many more tourists.

The casino boats on the Mississippi River have been a boon to local economy for quite some time. However, the best destination for tourists has all of the amenities that are coming to South land. With over 500 new gaming machines, tourists are going to be able to play as much as they want inside the building without ever going out to the track.

Most times, casinos do not have a track attached, but this tourist hub will be able to host games who like a little of sports betting as well as traditional gaming.

The facility is also going to focus on having more restaurant and entertainment options inside the facility. With these new amenities, the track hopes to draw in more people then they would with just the track. Extra gaming machines are supposed to make the hub into more of a casino and gaming center in the Mid-South. This will allow for tourists in the area to do more than just hop on a riverboat. Now they can bet at the track and game at the same time