Sunday Prime: Ally Squire and Paul Senter Finish 1-2

Despite having a very low buy in compared to other major tournaments, the Sunday Prime at iPoker Network is very popular among major players. This week’s event saw 1,298 players taking part, with a prize pool of close to 50,000 euros. This day belonged to the British contingent, and a majority of that prize money is now in their bank accounts.

pokerAlly Squire, better known by his screen name of ownerfunkyt0wn, got the biggest win of his online career. He won 8,000 euros and is going to be a lot higher in next week’s online poker rankings. This was a big event for Squire, who has shown promise but never delivered a consistent level of performance when it mattered.

Another British man who had a great day was Paul Senter, or Senta999, who got through in second place and won 6,000 euros. His day was just as impressive, and he presented a very difficult challenge for squire to overcome.

Keith Cummins, or Whassup999, had a great Sunday. He finished in a respectable ninth position at the Sunday Prime, winning 500 euros. However, his real success came at the Sunday Masters event (150 euro buy in) where he won close to 4,000 euros.

Another Brit who enjoyed his afternoon’s poker work was Nelius Foley (TheLAstCook) who took home a little more than 3,000 euros at the Sunday Warm-Up event (50 euro buy in).

PokerStars: Plenty of Near Misses

Unfortunately, this week was not a great time for British players at the PokerStars event. We are usually used to seeing big wins from Brits, but most of them fell short of their expectations at the Sunday 500 and Sunday Million events. “Chaz D 87” managed to win $24,000 with fifth place at the Sunday 500, while “easylimp” came in sixth place and won $18,000.

“OJLimpsinn” got to within the final table for the $260,000 first prize at the Sunday Million event, but he had to settle for $12,000 and ninth place. He will be hoping to do better at future events.

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