WSOP Asia Pacific Tournament All Set For Next Competition


WSOP Asia Pacific tournament that was launched in 2013 is ready for its second year of competition; it will begin from October 2 and last till October 18. Like last time, the organisers hope that the event brings excitement to the participants this year too.

The tournament

The event will be held in Crown Melbourne, which is an added attraction for the players. Crown Melbourne is one of the best and most-visited entertainment complexes in the world. It has considerably upped the excitement factor of the WSOP Asia Pacific event. Also the fact that the event has been scheduled for spring in Australia is done to lure players from the US and European strongholds.

There will be a number of games where players can compete with the best in the world. No limit Hold’em is among the main, everyday draws.

The next few days have the games like Hold’em and others with buy-in ranging from1600 to 2200 Australian dollars. With an event like 8-game, participants can play different variations of poker. Every player can choose what version of poker they want to play.

The main events scheduled at the end-leg of the tournament have a buy-in of Australian $10,000 and the High Roller comes with a buy-in of 25,000 Australian dollars.

The hiccup

The tournament organisers indeed had the best intentions when they scheduled the Asia Pacific event in the springtime in Australia. The mild season was to act as a draw for the event. However in doing so, the organisers have clashed the event with another major poker event taking place in London. This is no small tournament. It is an EPT event. It means that players will have to choose between the two. The clash will dilute the participant’s strength in both the tournaments.