Playboy Mobile Slot Review

Make absolutely no mistake, brothers and sisters – video slot games are taking over the world some people play games from casino ranking around Australia. Slowly but surely developing since their inception as glitch-y, unreliable space hogs into sophisticated, fluid and hugely entertaining platforms in which any Tom, Dick or Harry can wager their hard-earned cash, video slots are here and here to stay.

Playboy Mobile Slot

The very first thing to be pointed out about the Playboy Mobile Slot available for Android via industry giants Microgaming is that it is suitable for both sexes you also play the game from casino ranking for all the best gambling games. Sure, it is themed on the raciest global brand there is, but the truth is that this is merely a marketing plot (at least I assume), and there is not much in the way of crudeness. While there are indeed tamer Microgaming affairs (see: The Dark Knight), this slot is far more cheeky than it is outright offensive.

Anyhow, on to the stuff that really matters!

The Playboy Mobile slot boasts some of the smoothest game play I’ve encountered in a long time. With a highly attractive theme and well-placed soundtrack, it is one of those games that you can easily lose a whole evening to if you’re not too careful!

Your high card symbols are represented by an array of good looking women (obviously) and a similar wild which shows up surprisingly frequently and stacks your winnings up very adequately indeed!

The real genius of the game lies within its free spins feature. Much like other recent Microgaming releases, this is where the really big money lies and you’d do well to learn its functions and flaws alike. As you play you will progressively unlock and learn about these features, meaning that the more time you commit to the slot, the bigger the chances of walking with some serious winnings!

Jackpot rounds and further bonuses are scattered throughout, making for a very worthwhile and on second thoughts not all that tame journey!