Macau’s Poker King Club

Tom Hall, a successful professional poker player, provides intimate details of Macau’s Poker King Club in an interview with Poker News. Here is a summary of the most interesting things that he had to say.

How many players participate in the games?

Tom HallSince the event began, there must have been 100-200 different players who have taken part. However, there is always a core of 20-30 players that are playing at least once a month. In fact, there are five or six players who get to a game every time they are in Macau, which is very often. Line ups are always changing, but unless a newcomer is added to the list, most of the players know each other quite well by now.

Are there ever limit games?

Some of the smaller games have limits, but the big game is always a no-limit hold’em style.

How hard is it for players to get an invite?

I would imagine that it is very difficult, because there are only a certain amount of players that can get access to each game. Even among the regulars who have played a few times, there is a large waiting list. If a newcomer is going to get in, it is because they have impressed people at other tournaments or they are very well connected.

Do language barriers create issues?

No. When we are playing a game, everyone knows enough about poker to be able to let the game flow without having to talk to each other. There can be awkward moments where several groups of people are talking amongst themselves in different languages, but I suppose that happens everywhere.

What are the wins/losses in numbers?

The most someone has lost (or won) at a table in a single session would be around $13 million. Just remember that these are very long sessions, sometimes lasting 30 or 40 hours. We will have a break where everyone grabs a quick nap, watches the live soccer games, or goes for a meal.

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